Brisket Start to Finish

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

On August 13 Rick started this series on Facebook. I thought it needed a permanent home.

I have caught myself being wrapped up in the bottom line this past week. Although important, this is not why I started BSBBQ.
We tend to be “destination” oriented in the West. I left corporate life to enjoy the process more; the journey over the destination. So I will be posting some “process” photos in coming days. Hope you enjoy and slow down enough in your process to enjoy the journey. Below is a packer brisket, it takes us about 30 hrs. to produce the finished product. This baby is put to bed and will hit the smoker for a 10 hour cook tomorrow morning about 3 AM. You can enter its journey tomorrow at @fairhaven_stonesthrowbrewery.

4 hours in, these babies have all the smoke they need. In fact around 4 hours of smoke is all most meats can absorb.
Not even half way there. #smokedbrisket#bigstickbbq#smokebark

Wednesday’s I get to sleep in till 3AM because we have a later start. My mantra in the morning is, “fire first” #bigstickbbq #smokedbrisket #firefirst

So much can affect a cook in the smoker. Weather, wood, humidity, the meat. We followed this Brisket from the rough untrimmed “packer” to completion.
20 hour dry brine, 8 hour cook and now is going out the door.
I hope that you, as I am committing anew, can enjoy your journey and find the destination as satisfying as this Brisket.

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