We live in a small town, and in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, our little food truck, in our little town has been chosen to disperse funds for two different companies to those on the the front lines. Both of these companies wanted to give back to first responders as a way to say “thank you for what you do” and both have chosen Big Stick BBQ as a conduit to do so.

Not gonna lie…as a small business in uncertain times, we grabbed hold and said ‘heck yeah and thank you! The truth is, however, that in the process of being the conduit of good deeds, we are the ones who are being blessed.

We have had the honor of chatting with firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, hazmat teams, and all sorts of administrative medical personnel. We’ve met little families of four or five or six, in the thick of raising children in the middle of this crazy weird time, navigating unchartered waters with the rest of us, and all seeming to do it with grace and humility and perseverance that makes us shake our heads and marvel at the human spirit.

Today we chatted with a nurse who works on the Covid floor of our local hospital. She told us about how hard it was to see people get sick and die so fast, like nothing she’d seen before.

She talked about how it felt like a war zone for so long, and how it now feels like they might be coming out of the fog of it, seeing light at the end of the tunnel, the cases are fewer and less severe.

She told us how the hardest part has been not being able to help families walk through the grief of the dying, but rather watch the dying say goodbye to their family members via Facetime.

That was about the point I realized I was crying and couldn’t hear anything else she was saying, because that’s when I knew we were sitting at the feet of the heros.

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