Happy New Year

As we say goodbye to the year 2020, we see the same sentiment posted all over social media, the same sentiment we have thought we would feel for months: Good Riddance 2020!

The problem is, 2021 will arrive in the wee hours of the morning much the same as 2020 snuck in on us in the late winter/early spring, with questions, confusion, suspicion, and longing. How we respond, how we act…THAT will be the thing that defines us.

Here at Big Stick BBQ 2020 has been a year of planning, retreating, planning again, retreating, hoping, and finally, taking a big leap of faith. We found ourselves in a position of moving forward or standing still in the midst of the chaos, and the only obvious choice was to move forward and open the doors of our first Brick and Mortar, our first little restaurant where we could welcome our family and friends from all over the county and region to enjoy the Best BBQ in Bellingham.

This afternoon as we prepared to close early for the holiday, Rick looked around at our sweet little BBQ restaurant and with glistening eyes said “It’s been quite a ride! Can you believe we did this?”

Did what? I asked.

“We made all this in the year 2020, in the middle of a pandemic.”

I looked around too, nodded my head, and thought of all the days and weeks and years bringing us to this place… The people, family, friends, guests, cheerleaders, advisors, our loyal “regulars” (who are anything but regular!), the county breweries who gave us a leg up, our friends who now work with us, our friends who’ve become family, and I agreed…

…it’s been quite a ride, this remarkable, terrible, wonderful year of 2020…

…the year we learned to live by faith.

Happy New Year friends and family! We love you and appreciate you more than we can say, but we’ll try to say it more in 2021!

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