Thoughts on the First Five Years

We’ve been going back through all the photos we’ve taken, all the posts we’ve posted on social media, recollecting the last five years as we approach our 5th anniversary as a business, and let me tell you, it’s been surreal!

We’ve been putting together a sideshow to loop through on our three televisions over the weekend of our anniversary and the reality of how hard we have worked, how much chaos and struggle we have come up against is not lost on us!

Because, the truth is, a photo really is worth a thousand words, and lucky for us, we’ve taken thousands of them. From purchasing an old navy box van from a guy in Mollalla, Oregon and driving it home in a torrential downpour, to selling out of food so fast our host breweries weren’t so happy with us, to finding ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, something no one we knew had ever experienced before, to opening our own restaurant in the middle of that pandemic…we have tried to capture it all in photos.

We’ve had slow days and crazy days, and ridiculous days that we sold out in three hours what normally took us eight.

We’ve closed for private events and taken the food truck to significant birthday events, family reunions, weddings, company parties, and we’ve closed the restaurant to host family reunions after a memorial service, and for 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays.

We’ve cried with and hugged our guests who’ve become our friends as they’ve traversed the hardships of the past couple years, losing loved ones, losing jobs, experiencing loss in friendships…and we’ve rejoiced with our friends who’ve come to celebrate good news at Big Stick BBQ! “I’m cancer fee!” “We’re having a baby!” “Can we have our gender reveal here?” “I’m retired!”

We’ve hired family, friends, and strangers to work with us, and of those who’ve moved on, most have remained our dear friends. In fact, we consider them family and we miss them.

As we put the finishing touches on our slideshow for our anniversary weekend, August 19-21, we’d love to share a few teaser photos with you. If you’ve followed us all along, you might recognize some scenes, some stories. And maybe you’ll get to know us just a little better…

…because one thing that’s always been important to us at Big Stick BBQ is sharing our story, and hearing yours.

Stay tuned for more memories and the fun of opening a Brick and Mortar Restaurant in the middle of a pandemic!

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